Free Online courses that improve your playing.

Free online knowledge which should be shared to ALL didgeridoo players and the passionates.

Frei zugängliches Material, was ALLE Didgeridoospieler wissen sollten.

Bitte beachtet dass die Artikel und Videos in Englisch abgehalten sind. Da wir doch eine internationale Gemeinde sind.


This knowledgebase grows continiously and I'll do my best to make it better.

Das Material wächst ständig und wird regelmäßig gewartet und verbessert.



Articles - and the good-to-know

How to become a good didgeridoo player?

Basic thoughts on the personal didge evolution and "how to grow". The mentioned ideas show how to keep the pace and how to fullfill your playing. 

Videos - and the good-to-show

Coming soon!


Interessante Didgeridoo Links

Featured Videos

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