Merry Didge Mas 2020, 17th and 18th December Workshops

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Thursday, 17.12. 15:00 (GMT+0, London Time)

Class 4: Mike & Tenzen

Didgeridoo mastery - the breath


Using the breath to play the didgeridoo. From advanced to expert level. As always in my lessons, I will adapt to the ability of the student and help them increase their level



Duration: 60 min, Price: 25 Euro


Class 5: Yoco Pérez de Arce

world ancient aerophones: medicine and circular breathing


a journey by the ancients winds instruments, something about Quechuas cosmogony and their concept of TAYPI, whats mind music in aboriginal people



Duration: 60 min, Price: 25 Euro


Class 7: Lies Beijerinck



This workshop is made for any level of Didgeridoo player. 
We will start to look at basic things, like lips, tongue, cheeks, jaw and diaphragm (and with this we will work on voice and projecting it). 
In this workshop, we will learn to use these basic techniques completely separate from one and the other . It sounds easy, but you will find out, it is not! 
For the more advanced players, we will also work on different ways to make the toot. Toots made with lips, tongue, belly and breathing-in. 

Furthermore, the multi-drone/drop-octave will also have a focus point in this workshop. 
We will practice belly-breathing, jaw-breathing, tongue- and cheek-breathing, with the most important focus of doing it in relaxation!!! We then can work on the 4-part wobble, this is why we need to work on isolations and breathing, in complete relaxation. The last part, we will work on non-dronal sounds, like human beat-box and air-drum. 




Duration: 120 min, Price: 50 Euro


Friday, 18.12, 13:00 (GMT+0, London Time)

Class 6: Jürgen Breuniger (Drum and Didge)

Didgeridoo meet´s Doudounba (African Percussion & Didgeridoo)


This workshop is aimed at advanced didgeridoo players and drummers. The "dance of the strong men" is interpreted with the didgeridoo and played on drums. You can participate here as a drummer and as a didgeridoo player. You will get to know 3 accompanying rhythms and 3 bass voices, which we set differently with didgeridoos and drums. An intro and a break will be shown and we will solo freely. If you have any questions about the workshop, just call me: +49 157 850 601 77 or write to me via WhatsApp



Duration: 90 min, Price: 35 Euro


Friday, 18.12, 15:00 (GMT+0, London Time)

Class 2: Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij (aka Manupeo)

How to Relax for Better Concentration 


This workshop will be suited for players and not yet players (Inspiring to make you start :-)  ) - As some of us have experienced that playing the didgeridoo improves relaxation it does not mean that all didgeridoo players are 100% healthy fit super humans. Listening, watching and educating many countless of people I have seen an blind spot that if unvieled to person it self can massively improve their well-being. This course How to Relax for Better Concentration you will be learning 3 key essential exercises by playing didgeridoo or with out and lets you become a better performer, speaker and more adaptive to stresful situations. The didgeridoo will be the can also gain value without. Lett us start a journey to improve our Well-Being. 



Duration: 90 min, Price: 35 Euro


Class 3: JAMM

Multidrone introduction


is about understand multidrone didgeridoos and the importance about the tuning of the toots and how to droop the octave of the fundamental drone 



Duration: 120 min, Price: 50 Euro


Class 1: Ansgar M-Stein:

This workshop comes at two topics:

1.) Passive breathing and belly support for nerds

2.) Wobbles and the power of passive breathing.


1) Passive Breathing And Belly Support For Nerds, or: 

The Diaphragm: What Your Teacher Thought it does, What You Thought it does And What it Really Does. 


In this workshop we will explore some of the persisitent misconceptions of didge-playing: The role of the diaphragm and belly support for breathing, for circular breathing, for pushing, and for holding. On the way there will be a more relaxed natural breathing but also a far more effective breathing for your didge playing, which inevitably connects to quick breathing and structured breathing patterns for "wobbles". Disclaimer: If you are not familiar with your breathing, this might be a gateway for you!


2) Wobbles and the power of passive breathing 



In this excursion we will explore the basics of structured rhythm breathing, why they are sometimes called "wobbles" and what you can do to find your way of learning them. On the way, you will pick up harmonic control and effective, relaxed breathing techniques as well as a powerful sound modulation.


Duration: 120 min, Price: 50 Euro


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